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Sunday, 7 June 2020

Do Africans love children or it's just a mistake?

Other continents laugh at Africa because of our population (1.216 billion). Even though China has more people than Africa, it is not a cause of dispute. Certain people believe this is a form of discrimination but that is a matter for another day.

I dwell in Africa (Nigeria to be precise) and I have noted a simple fact: Nigerians are have no keen interest in children. Their hunger lies in the act that brings the children (sex).

How many young adults rejoice when their girlfriend break the news of the pregnacy to them? How many of these maidens rejoice when the pregnancy test comes positive?

So many rejected my proposal in my previous articles about virginity and anal sex. It will be a shame if any of my readers fall prey to unwanted pregnancy.

It should not be taken for granted that life changes in all aspects when a woman conceives of an unwanted foetus. A lady I know had to stop her tertiary education because of an unwanted child. The child is one year old but the mother has not returned to school. All her dreams in life have been shattered by a sperm cell. Taking care of the child drains all her energy and she can no longer carry out her high goals.

This should be seen as what it is without cause to excuse ourselves. Tell the young lady to her face how much she has failed herself. People claiming her child could one day become the President of the nation should stand aloof. The child rising to such a position doesn't prove me wrong. It doesn't bring back the wasted years or the shattered dreams. They are two different things. How can you explain others that didn't become Presidents? Some became thugs and miscreants. How do you explain that? Are you willing to take such chances or place a bet with your dreams? How deep are your dreams to you?

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Do Black Lives really Matter?

There will never be a time these protesters cry for. Martin Luther king Jr's 'I have a dream' speech will never become reality (it remains a dream). Does this not make you consider your life's choices?

Of what gain would it be to lose your life in a protest for the equality of Black people?

Whether you call it caste system, ethnicity, tribalism, sex discrimination, or even rascism, it remains the same thing. No two persons on earth can boost of being equal. Their is always a difference; one may be smarter than the other or more skillful. Even with twins we sense this disparity.

Shall we then carry plaques and protest for equality in a case where there is a difference in wit? Maybe the dumb people in a class should carry plaques and start a protest? Do you now see how foolish these people who protest for black equality are?

The discrimination is felt most by the poor and vulnerable people. It is among these ones that the most outrageous crimes are committed. These ones are repeatedly called 'nigga' without any qualms. The police violence is painfully felt by the common man of the society. Let us not deceive ourselves but let us put hypocrisy behind us.

These commoners should do something. By this I mean no harm to our neighbours. But quietly they should leave these hostile people, hostile neighbourhoods, hostile countries. Start a new life in a more accommodating place or country. Why spend precious time protesting when you can enjoy life in a better way? It makes no matter how long the protests drag. We still go round the same cycle and we anticipate another act of racial discrimination. It can be as little as a smirk, a laugh or even a bad thought. Still, it is a bad vibe, negative energy. You don't need such because life is too short.

Be wise my friends!

Wednesday, 3 June 2020


After my posts on virginity and recent attacks from friends, my take on rape will be least welcome.

I state here (clearly) that rape is a not a good thing. It is a crime against our neighbour, a fellow human spirit. Jesus clearly said: Love thy neighbour as thyself!

I have noticed that women come out en masse to show support to the victims of rape in the society today. Some went as far as calling names and raining down curses on the male gender. But where were these zealots before the young maiden was raped? Girls become 'househelps' to support themselves while endangering  their bodies in the process. Why did the advocates of rape not reach out to these ones and intervene to prevent the rape from occurring? 

Celebrities and influential people make posts regarding rape. You will see hashtags such as #stoprape #rapekills. This is good but it ends here. No one takes it up as a task and day-to-day goal. They all wait for the next case so they will pour out condolences on social media.

If you truly feel the pain the victim feels you would do better. Your neighbours keep maids. Your friends keep maids. Would it be wrong to secretly give the young woman a huge sum to go and start life in a better way? Say 100 000 naira?

This is a better response to rape than all the noise you people make.

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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Is Henry Cejudo healthy?

Henry Cejudo is a UFC fighter with numerous titles, medals and belts on his waist. He declared himself the greatest athlete in the combat sports history after giving Dominick Cruz a Knockout.

Is he healthy?

Henry Cejudo sustained a cut on his hairline in Round 2 and bled a lot. This is only one of the injuries he has sustained in his fighting career.
He had previously undergone a shoulder surgery.

Why harm your body for sport?

We have heard of countless stories of medical conditions wrestlers and boxers have had to battle with for the rest of their lives. Is it worth it? After retirement you may not be able to enjoy life with friends and family because you have caused severe harm to your body during training.
Lifting weights more than 103 pounds will not come without health implications. This is a vivid evidence that shows how much people despise their bodies. They can trade their health for medals and trophies. Vanity!

Engage in beneficial sports you want to be a sportsman. I do not see how the fight between Henry Cejudo and Dominick Cruz benefitted humanity. The viewers and fans of this sport are to blame for encouraging these athletes to harm themselves in form of entertainment. There is no difference between this and what happened in ancient Rome. We all can remember how Romans killed themselves in the arena for the joy of the spectators.

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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Can God cure the Coronavirus?

This is a big question to people who believe in a God that can do the impossible.

Can God do the impossible?

Let it be noted here that God created the forces at work in the universe. He created the Law of Gravity, Law of Sowing and reaping, Law of 'birds of the same feather flock together'.

Here also, there is a law guiding the treatment of a virus and how it should be cured. God cannot mysteriously cure an infected patient! It is impossible! It is against the Laws he has put in place in the universe. One demanding this can as well tell God to destroy the universe He created.

We should learn to understand the language of this God. All our nights of fasting and depriving ourselves many pleasures will end as soon as we start to use the brains God has given us. God speaks to us through the Laws He has put in place. He stirs us in the right direction and moulds us into vessels of honour. Submitting to the Laws of God means to stop demanding the impossible from Him. 

Either you avoid getting infected or you follow the procedures prescribed by your doctors who are servants of God. God aids the doctors to treat our ailments and inspires them to carry out surgeries in the best way possible. It is only fools who reject the drugs prescribed for their predicament and fast for forty days on the mountains. How many of these ones can cure the Coronavirus? Can they even cure Malaria?

God is a logical being. He wants us to understand His ways and adjust ourselves to them to avoid sorrow. Start now to adjust yourselves to His Laws!

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Thursday, 9 April 2020

Promiscuity and Cheating in Relationships

We burden our spirits (weigh it down) with unnecessary pressure throughout our time here on earth. Why should you continue in a relationship that has brought you even the slightest form of hurt? You can have no peace of mind because you are calculating the time your spouse should return home from work or searching through his phone prying into his chats to see what his saying to that girl.

Why this burden?

Would you not love to have relationships where you need not tell your partner what to do or what not to do? They adjust to you same way you are trying to adjust to them and you people end of competing on who can please the next person more.  Life becomes a blissful paradise and these relationships are the ones that are said to be ‘joined by God’. The attempt to adjust that I mean here is not endurance or looking over each other’s faults neither is it the ‘false patience’ people practice these days. It is unlawful to stay with someone who has the guts to hurt you emotionally, physically or even spiritually. Set your standards as high as the mountains. The first experience of hurt you get should make you pack your things and run. Run as fast as you can and pray for more strength to run faster. Your life is too short to spend time with someone that can cause harm to you even once.

There comes the excuse or the fear of not finding another person (a better person). Discard these fearful thoughts as it is not only one rib that can fit into Adam’s ribcage. In other words, you do not have only one person who can marry you or even start a relationship with you. Boldly walk away from this hurtful one and within a short time you will find another unconsciously. This is because we are attracted to people every day. As you have left the harmful one you will find out that this new one doesn’t have the flaws in the former.

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People who always give advice

People can never learn from the simplicity that Mother Nature gives. How many plants can lend its roots to another for nourishment? Then why do you sit me down for hours trying to advise me based on your past experiences? Don’t you know each man’s experience is solely his own and cannot in any way benefit his fellow man? People be telling you what to do with your life, how to do it and when to do it like they know better. It should be noted that even if we go through the same experiences we will experience them differently as we are all different. As our faces differ so do our receptive ability during our sojourning through life.

Let me state an example here. In my secondary school days, life was like a prison or may I say a wilderness. Based on what I had set my mind on I felt hindered by our principal and school leadership. Yet there were some of my classmates that shed tears profusely when we were about to graduate while I was rejoicing with unending joy. You see here that we experienced the same situation in different ways.

Keep your advice to yourself! They do us no good. We will never experience the same events that approached you during your lifetime. Even though they seem similar they are not the same. Many a time we hear people say ‘don’t make the same mistake I made during my youth….do this…do that’ Shut up! Cocksucker! What do you know? If I put you in my shoes you would do worse than I did. Hold your advice for yourself. Man should take it to heart to advice himself. Even at that he does wrong as he would make the same mistakes if the tables were turned just a bit. It would then appear like a whole new experience when otherwise viewed it is the same thing. It shows he has not grown in spirit and has not fully experienced the event.

Open yourselves earth men! Allow the experiences to pass through you before you start talking about them. How you can tell that you have grown above a bad desire is when you expose yourself to it and it means nothing to you anymore. How many can boast of such feats? How many of these feats have you acquired in your earth life?

I know of such feats in my life. Pornography is just one example.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

A Poem From A Friend

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Friday, 20 March 2020

My friend dies of Cardiac arrest

A 200 level student in the Medicine and Surgery department suffered a cardiac arrest yesterday (19th of March). His name is Gogo-Job Ene. May his soul rest in perfect peace!

Gogo is my friend and colleague. He was the first person I met in UNIPORT during my faculty clearance in 2018. Let me just recount how I experienced the entire event.

On the 19th of March we were supposed to have CHEM260 practical in the chemistry laboratory. Gogo is my group member and we copied the last practical together. On this faithful day, I arrived for the practical which was just about to start. I signed my named on the attendance list only to notice that Gogo was absent. I signed attendance for Gogo anticipating his arrival but he never showed up.

Story has it that Gogo was too weak to climb the stairs and come to the laboratory. So he called one of his close friends and the course representative of Medicine and Surgery. These two alongside the course representative of Pharmacy rushed Gogo to the health centre. He slumped in their care before anything could be done. In the taxi his eyeballs began to enter into his head and his tongue began to protrude. The staff at the health centre declared him dead.

On my way to the hostel a colleague approached me insisting I should follow her to the Lulu-Briggs Health Centre because Gogo had been rushed there. How shocked I was to here this! The last I heard from Gogo was a call in which he said he was close to the laboratory. What must have happened to him?

Reaching the Lulu-Briggs Health Centre I saw some female colleagues crying with red eyes. I immediately approached my male friend and he announced the death of Gogo-Job Ene to me. How hurtful! This was someone that viewed my Facebook story a few days ago. How could he have gone so soon?

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020


Death is a noble act in the affairs of men.

Here and there we hear screams from the chambers of death. Why are we prompted to cry when people die? The closer the deceased is to us the more tears will flow from our eyes. Is this the right approach to such an act?

Let us not forget that birth and death are the most important events in this earth life. We rejoice when a new born child comes to join our families but we writhe in anguish when a life is taken away. Is it not appointed to man once to die? From our early moments of consciousness we await the day of our deaths but when the day actually comes to fulfillment we feel deep sorrow. Do you not want to die one day? The earlier we embrace death and its blessings the better our lives will be and the easier it will be to die.

How many instances have we had of death struggle –countless! People relive the process of dying multiple times as they struggle to leave the earth. Indeed they do not want to leave this world. Men have stacked up wealth and riches and made their lives so comfortable that they wish to live forever. Would you want to die if you had billions of dollars in your bank account?

Death brings us all to the same plane under God. Rich or poor, great and small, we all will die and our bodies will rot. This perception brings us to a realization in our daily lives that certain things are truly important and some other ones are like chaff in the wind. What will it profit a man if he has so much and his neighbour has so little?

Remember death is fast approaching. We will only fear it when we have done little for our fellow men. In the chamber of death, the deepest good deeds we have done will comfort us. They will be our companions through such dreaded hour converting such times to blissful dreams. Be guided fellow men!

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Thursday, 13 February 2020

About Men and the Need for Them to be Virgins

Virginity in men is seen as necessary revenge from women. They say, ‘if we should be virgins, then the men should also keep their virginity.’

But I ask but one question: Do you women keep yourselves because the men keep themselves? If all men decide to be promiscuous does it shake your beliefs? Do you do things because other people do them? Where is your faith and the essence of your knowledge?

It is necessary for the men to keep themselves for their wives as well. It means a lot to the woman. You cannot go about sleeping with prostitutes and catching Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and expect to settle down and marry a virgin woman. You cannot eat your cake and have it. Therefore I encourage the men to keep themselves if they can.

My call for virginity is primarily to the woman because the Creator has endowed most of them with the hymen. He tries to draw our attention to the delicacy the woman has within her and how she can control affairs here on earth silently and purposefully. It is well known to all that men try to behave better in the presence of a woman of worth.

Think of all the blessings that will come to the world and mankind if all women keep their virginity until marriage. All the cases of rape would have died down to the barest minimum. Even the widespread immorality and promiscuousness we witness in the world today would not have come to stay. Honestly.

However, I am not ignorant of the urge in humans for sexual relations. This is why I recommend anal sex for people who cannot control themselves. I see reason in this. Anal sex is very similar to the vagina sex and is an acceptable alternative to both the husbands and the boyfriends. Everybody is satisfied and pleased. The woman can easily keep her virginity and the men can also quench their nerves. If you cannot bear to take this alternative and you do not want to keep your virginity, then you should go your own way.

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Saturday, 8 February 2020

The Concept Of Virginity In Womanhood

Lilies and their symbolic meaning to womanhood 

Virginity is not a serious topic anymore especially in this present age. Mothers are shy of explaining the truth in this matter to their daughters. How many mothers have sat their daughters down and told them the standards they should uphold as women? Maybe they themselves have forgotten.

Virginity is a silent way of showing gratitude to the man for going through all the troubles of marriage with you. Virginity tells the man that you have been waiting for him all this while. It is the most sacred gift a wife can give to her husband.

In line with the darkness, society has again tried to choke this sublime gift. Young girls no longer see any need to wait for their husbands or long for marriage and mother see no need to remind these girls why they should do so. They sell themselves out to any boyfriend who is cunning enough to convince them to sell it.

How many mothers have asked their grown-up daughters if they have preserved their virginity? How many still have the will to pose such a question? The mothers do not want to offend their daughters! They go about discussing trivial matters but leave this one untouched.

Let us compare the ages. Why is immorality so rampant in this present time? Was it the same with ancient times? There were times when parents would wait for the proof of their daughters’ virginity after the matrimonial night. How many parents still do this? These women are the drivers of immorality in our society today. They offer themselves cheaply to men who have no intentions of marrying them? After their numerous boyfriends have used and dumped them like filthy rags, they search for a noble man to marrying you? How immoral have you become? You treat something so precious like a plaything. This is why the society is so immoral. The men no longer need to patronize prostitute as they can have numerous girlfriends that can satisfy their urges.

It is woman that can take the lead in this matter also. To quench the raging fire of immorality we have to go back to our homes and groom our girls not to sell themselves at any cost. They should see themselves as golden vessels waiting for the bridegroom. All those who have raging nerves should pray for strength to control themselves. It is unnatural for people to think of sexual intercourse all the time up to the point of rape and woman trafficking. If these girls can close their legs and invest this time and energy into higher tasks, this country (indeed the world) will be different.

Ask yourselves: How do I say thank you to my husband for marrying me? Why am I defiling myself with men that do not want marry me? How do I encourage my daughters and other girls to uphold virginity when i did not uphold mine?

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