Thursday, 13 February 2020

About Men and the Need for Them to be Virgins

Virginity in men is seen as necessary revenge from women. They say, ‘if we should be virgins, then the men should also keep their virginity.’

But I ask but one question: Do you women keep yourselves because the men keep themselves? If all men decide to be promiscuous does it shake your beliefs? Do you do things because other people do them? Where is your faith and the essence of your knowledge?

It is necessary for the men to keep themselves for their wives as well. It means a lot to the woman. You cannot go about sleeping with prostitutes and catching Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and expect to settle down and marry a virgin woman. You cannot eat your cake and have it. Therefore I encourage the men to keep themselves if they can.

My call for virginity is primarily to the woman because the Creator has endowed most of them with the hymen. He tries to draw our attention to the delicacy the woman has within her and how she can control affairs here on earth silently and purposefully. It is well known to all that men try to behave better in the presence of a woman of worth.

Think of all the blessings that will come to the world and mankind if all women keep their virginity until marriage. All the cases of rape would have died down to the barest minimum. Even the widespread immorality and promiscuousness we witness in the world today would not have come to stay. Honestly.

However, I am not ignorant of the urge in humans for sexual relations. This is why I recommend anal sex for people who cannot control themselves. I see reason in this. Anal sex is very similar to the vagina sex and is an acceptable alternative to both the husbands and the boyfriends. Everybody is satisfied and pleased. The woman can easily keep her virginity and the men can also quench their nerves. If you cannot bear to take this alternative and you do not want to keep your virginity, then you should go your own way.

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  1. Somewhat controversial though.

  2. "Therefore I encourage the men to keep themselves if they can"... Wow.

    "My call for virginity is primarily to the woman because the Creator has endowed most of them with the hymen"... Wow.

    "All the cases of rape would have died down to the barest minimum"... Wow. Like you really think women are the cause of rape?

    And the last part about anal sex... Wow wow wow.

    I'll have given you some pieces of advice now, but I already read your piece on "Cocksuckers" ��
    Just pls, do me a favour and renew your mind, think/construct well before coming to spew these things...really.

  3. Nicely writtten but I don't agree with everything you said though. First of all, keeping virginity till marriage is an instruction to both men and women from God. Anything sex outside of marriage is fornication if you're single and adultery if you're married. Secondly, whether women keep their virginity or not does not play a part in curbing rape. There are cases of men raping virgins even children as young as a year old. In fact, rape is when a woman doesn't give consent to sex and she might do so, especially as she's a virgin unlike the ones that are not and would readily give in. Besides, rape is a crime committed by men with lack of self-control and values. And it's because of this reason that they are not likely to be virgins till marriage. Finally, sex, whether vaginal, anal or oral is sex and if done outside of marriage is still fornication. Even if the hymen is still preserved, it's fornication. There's the added risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections,risk of genital laceration and the temptation of going into vaginal sex in the end. Your write-up is nicely written but the message I feel should be passed is that men and women should keep their virginity till marriage and if they've lost it already, they should remain chaste till marriage. And even in marriage, they should remain faithful to their partner.