Saturday, 8 February 2020

The Concept Of Virginity In Womanhood

Lilies and their symbolic meaning to womanhood 

Virginity is not a serious topic anymore especially in this present age. Mothers are shy of explaining the truth in this matter to their daughters. How many mothers have sat their daughters down and told them the standards they should uphold as women? Maybe they themselves have forgotten.

Virginity is a silent way of showing gratitude to the man for going through all the troubles of marriage with you. Virginity tells the man that you have been waiting for him all this while. It is the most sacred gift a wife can give to her husband.

In line with the darkness, society has again tried to choke this sublime gift. Young girls no longer see any need to wait for their husbands or long for marriage and mother see no need to remind these girls why they should do so. They sell themselves out to any boyfriend who is cunning enough to convince them to sell it.

How many mothers have asked their grown-up daughters if they have preserved their virginity? How many still have the will to pose such a question? The mothers do not want to offend their daughters! They go about discussing trivial matters but leave this one untouched.

Let us compare the ages. Why is immorality so rampant in this present time? Was it the same with ancient times? There were times when parents would wait for the proof of their daughters’ virginity after the matrimonial night. How many parents still do this? These women are the drivers of immorality in our society today. They offer themselves cheaply to men who have no intentions of marrying them? After their numerous boyfriends have used and dumped them like filthy rags, they search for a noble man to marrying you? How immoral have you become? You treat something so precious like a plaything. This is why the society is so immoral. The men no longer need to patronize prostitute as they can have numerous girlfriends that can satisfy their urges.

It is woman that can take the lead in this matter also. To quench the raging fire of immorality we have to go back to our homes and groom our girls not to sell themselves at any cost. They should see themselves as golden vessels waiting for the bridegroom. All those who have raging nerves should pray for strength to control themselves. It is unnatural for people to think of sexual intercourse all the time up to the point of rape and woman trafficking. If these girls can close their legs and invest this time and energy into higher tasks, this country (indeed the world) will be different.

Ask yourselves: How do I say thank you to my husband for marrying me? Why am I defiling myself with men that do not want marry me? How do I encourage my daughters and other girls to uphold virginity when i did not uphold mine?

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  1. An excellent write-up, a bit biased though. Enlightening and educative.

    1. It is biased from the birth of woman which gave only her a hymen.

  2. This piece is really true.
    Sadly enough, this is the bitter truth.

    Keep the fire burning.

  3. So true.. Your virginity should only be given to someone you are planning on spending your life with.. it's like a bond between you and your husband.. So if you are already bonded to several people, how can you bond with your husband?? Sad indeed...

  4. Yeah, I do agree with you that women should keep their virginity till marriage and how their self-control can help curb immorality in the society. However, you should also encourage men to keep their virginity as well. There are several reasons. Firstly, God has instructed that we remain chaste till marriage. This may as well mean that we should all keel our virginity. Secondly, by having sex with multiple women, they would have bonded with them. No wonder there's so much divorce in our society. That bond is no longer there because the man is busy comparing his wife to his previous girlfriends and thinking about them. Thirdly, the woman appreciates it. Just as men appreciates women who keep theirs, so do women appreciate men who keep theirs! It shows that the woman was worth waiting for and she would feel more loved and love him more and would be more compelled to be faithful. Fourthly, non-virgin men are likely to get promiscuous. Because they feel and conclude that they can't control their sexual urges. But they can even though it's difficult. They are also the ones more likely to engage in rape or deceiving women into sleeping with them. Fifty, there's the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections when men don't stay celibate. And sometimes ,they show no symptoms and end up giving an innocent woman that. Even having multiple sexual partners increases the risk of the man contracting human Papilloma virus and giving it to his partner who may one day develop cervical cancer as a result. Why suffer an innocent woman like that? There are so many other reasons that I can't keep typing here. But please emphasise, that this concept of keeping virginity should be applicable to both men and women if we want to have a better society

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