Friday, 20 March 2020

My friend dies of Cardiac arrest

A 200 level student in the Medicine and Surgery department suffered a cardiac arrest yesterday (19th of March). His name is Gogo-Job Ene. May his soul rest in perfect peace!

Gogo is my friend and colleague. He was the first person I met in UNIPORT during my faculty clearance in 2018. Let me just recount how I experienced the entire event.

On the 19th of March we were supposed to have CHEM260 practical in the chemistry laboratory. Gogo is my group member and we copied the last practical together. On this faithful day, I arrived for the practical which was just about to start. I signed my named on the attendance list only to notice that Gogo was absent. I signed attendance for Gogo anticipating his arrival but he never showed up.

Story has it that Gogo was too weak to climb the stairs and come to the laboratory. So he called one of his close friends and the course representative of Medicine and Surgery. These two alongside the course representative of Pharmacy rushed Gogo to the health centre. He slumped in their care before anything could be done. In the taxi his eyeballs began to enter into his head and his tongue began to protrude. The staff at the health centre declared him dead.

On my way to the hostel a colleague approached me insisting I should follow her to the Lulu-Briggs Health Centre because Gogo had been rushed there. How shocked I was to here this! The last I heard from Gogo was a call in which he said he was close to the laboratory. What must have happened to him?

Reaching the Lulu-Briggs Health Centre I saw some female colleagues crying with red eyes. I immediately approached my male friend and he announced the death of Gogo-Job Ene to me. How hurtful! This was someone that viewed my Facebook story a few days ago. How could he have gone so soon?

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