Thursday, 9 April 2020

People who always give advice

People can never learn from the simplicity that Mother Nature gives. How many plants can lend its roots to another for nourishment? Then why do you sit me down for hours trying to advise me based on your past experiences? Don’t you know each man’s experience is solely his own and cannot in any way benefit his fellow man? People be telling you what to do with your life, how to do it and when to do it like they know better. It should be noted that even if we go through the same experiences we will experience them differently as we are all different. As our faces differ so do our receptive ability during our sojourning through life.

Let me state an example here. In my secondary school days, life was like a prison or may I say a wilderness. Based on what I had set my mind on I felt hindered by our principal and school leadership. Yet there were some of my classmates that shed tears profusely when we were about to graduate while I was rejoicing with unending joy. You see here that we experienced the same situation in different ways.

Keep your advice to yourself! They do us no good. We will never experience the same events that approached you during your lifetime. Even though they seem similar they are not the same. Many a time we hear people say ‘don’t make the same mistake I made during my youth….do this…do that’ Shut up! Cocksucker! What do you know? If I put you in my shoes you would do worse than I did. Hold your advice for yourself. Man should take it to heart to advice himself. Even at that he does wrong as he would make the same mistakes if the tables were turned just a bit. It would then appear like a whole new experience when otherwise viewed it is the same thing. It shows he has not grown in spirit and has not fully experienced the event.

Open yourselves earth men! Allow the experiences to pass through you before you start talking about them. How you can tell that you have grown above a bad desire is when you expose yourself to it and it means nothing to you anymore. How many can boast of such feats? How many of these feats have you acquired in your earth life?

I know of such feats in my life. Pornography is just one example.

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