Thursday, 9 April 2020

Promiscuity and Cheating in Relationships

We burden our spirits (weigh it down) with unnecessary pressure throughout our time here on earth. Why should you continue in a relationship that has brought you even the slightest form of hurt? You can have no peace of mind because you are calculating the time your spouse should return home from work or searching through his phone prying into his chats to see what his saying to that girl.

Why this burden?

Would you not love to have relationships where you need not tell your partner what to do or what not to do? They adjust to you same way you are trying to adjust to them and you people end of competing on who can please the next person more.  Life becomes a blissful paradise and these relationships are the ones that are said to be ‘joined by God’. The attempt to adjust that I mean here is not endurance or looking over each other’s faults neither is it the ‘false patience’ people practice these days. It is unlawful to stay with someone who has the guts to hurt you emotionally, physically or even spiritually. Set your standards as high as the mountains. The first experience of hurt you get should make you pack your things and run. Run as fast as you can and pray for more strength to run faster. Your life is too short to spend time with someone that can cause harm to you even once.

There comes the excuse or the fear of not finding another person (a better person). Discard these fearful thoughts as it is not only one rib that can fit into Adam’s ribcage. In other words, you do not have only one person who can marry you or even start a relationship with you. Boldly walk away from this hurtful one and within a short time you will find another unconsciously. This is because we are attracted to people every day. As you have left the harmful one you will find out that this new one doesn’t have the flaws in the former.

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  1. Relationship comes with different challenges. Only meant for those who are ready.
    Nice one dear

  2. Nice piece..
    But it's important you know that there is no relationship without flaws.. your present relationship might be bad but how do you know the next one won't be worse..
    So I think if your present relationship is not working out,you are free to take a break.. work on yourself ( better yourself) before getting into another in other to avoid repeating same mistakes..