Thursday, 7 May 2020

Can God cure the Coronavirus?

This is a big question to people who believe in a God that can do the impossible.

Can God do the impossible?

Let it be noted here that God created the forces at work in the universe. He created the Law of Gravity, Law of Sowing and reaping, Law of 'birds of the same feather flock together'.

Here also, there is a law guiding the treatment of a virus and how it should be cured. God cannot mysteriously cure an infected patient! It is impossible! It is against the Laws he has put in place in the universe. One demanding this can as well tell God to destroy the universe He created.

We should learn to understand the language of this God. All our nights of fasting and depriving ourselves many pleasures will end as soon as we start to use the brains God has given us. God speaks to us through the Laws He has put in place. He stirs us in the right direction and moulds us into vessels of honour. Submitting to the Laws of God means to stop demanding the impossible from Him. 

Either you avoid getting infected or you follow the procedures prescribed by your doctors who are servants of God. God aids the doctors to treat our ailments and inspires them to carry out surgeries in the best way possible. It is only fools who reject the drugs prescribed for their predicament and fast for forty days on the mountains. How many of these ones can cure the Coronavirus? Can they even cure Malaria?

God is a logical being. He wants us to understand His ways and adjust ourselves to them to avoid sorrow. Start now to adjust yourselves to His Laws!

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