Thursday, 4 June 2020

Do Black Lives really Matter?

There will never be a time these protesters cry for. Martin Luther king Jr's 'I have a dream' speech will never become reality (it remains a dream). Does this not make you consider your life's choices?

Of what gain would it be to lose your life in a protest for the equality of Black people?

Whether you call it caste system, ethnicity, tribalism, sex discrimination, or even rascism, it remains the same thing. No two persons on earth can boost of being equal. Their is always a difference; one may be smarter than the other or more skillful. Even with twins we sense this disparity.

Shall we then carry plaques and protest for equality in a case where there is a difference in wit? Maybe the dumb people in a class should carry plaques and start a protest? Do you now see how foolish these people who protest for black equality are?

The discrimination is felt most by the poor and vulnerable people. It is among these ones that the most outrageous crimes are committed. These ones are repeatedly called 'nigga' without any qualms. The police violence is painfully felt by the common man of the society. Let us not deceive ourselves but let us put hypocrisy behind us.

These commoners should do something. By this I mean no harm to our neighbours. But quietly they should leave these hostile people, hostile neighbourhoods, hostile countries. Start a new life in a more accommodating place or country. Why spend precious time protesting when you can enjoy life in a better way? It makes no matter how long the protests drag. We still go round the same cycle and we anticipate another act of racial discrimination. It can be as little as a smirk, a laugh or even a bad thought. Still, it is a bad vibe, negative energy. You don't need such because life is too short.

Be wise my friends!


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