Wednesday, 3 June 2020


After my posts on virginity and recent attacks from friends, my take on rape will be least welcome.

I state here (clearly) that rape is a not a good thing. It is a crime against our neighbour, a fellow human spirit. Jesus clearly said: Love thy neighbour as thyself!

I have noticed that women come out en masse to show support to the victims of rape in the society today. Some went as far as calling names and raining down curses on the male gender. But where were these zealots before the young maiden was raped? Girls become 'househelps' to support themselves while endangering  their bodies in the process. Why did the advocates of rape not reach out to these ones and intervene to prevent the rape from occurring? 

Celebrities and influential people make posts regarding rape. You will see hashtags such as #stoprape #rapekills. This is good but it ends here. No one takes it up as a task and day-to-day goal. They all wait for the next case so they will pour out condolences on social media.

If you truly feel the pain the victim feels you would do better. Your neighbours keep maids. Your friends keep maids. Would it be wrong to secretly give the young woman a huge sum to go and start life in a better way? Say 100 000 naira?

This is a better response to rape than all the noise you people make.

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