About Us

Asoyemieari Prince Blog is about the main essence of living, and what life is all about. Additionally, it's the answer to top worrisome questions about questions that people has silenced in their hearts due to zero or poor response.

Having a good background information about a media representative is the first and best step in building trust on a brand.

Asoyemieari Prince is the founder of Asoyemieari Prince Blog with a difference. He is a young responsible, industrious and self determined individual with vast knowledge on human behavioural patterns and top satisfactory therapy to suspence.

Popularly called ‘The Blogger Scientist’, my zeal for blogging is demonstrated from the establishment of Xycinews Media to share to the world unique and well researched reviews and secrets.

More to our credit, due to my professional skills in SEO, Xycinews has once outranked primary world sites like Lindaikeji, Wikipedia, Legit, Nairaland, Quora, Informationngr, Yabaleftonline, And lots lots more.


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