Death is a noble act in the affairs of men.

Here and there we hear screams from the chambers of death. Why are we prompted to cry when people die? The closer the deceased is to us the more tears will flow from our eyes. Is this the right approach to such an act?

Let us not forget that birth and death are the most important events in this earth life. We rejoice when a new born child comes to join our families but we writhe in anguish when a life is taken away. Is it not appointed to man once to die? From our early moments of consciousness we await the day of our deaths but when the day actually comes to fulfillment we feel deep sorrow. Do you not want to die one day? The earlier we embrace death and its blessings the better our lives will be and the easier it will be to die.

How many instances have we had of death struggle –countless! People relive the process of dying multiple times as they struggle to leave the earth. Indeed they do not want to leave this world. Men have stacked up wealth and riches and made their lives so comfortable that they wish to live forever. Would you want to die if you had billions of dollars in your bank account?

Death brings us all to the same plane under God. Rich or poor, great and small, we all will die and our bodies will rot. This perception brings us to a realization in our daily lives that certain things are truly important and some other ones are like chaff in the wind. What will it profit a man if he has so much and his neighbour has so little?

Remember death is fast approaching. We will only fear it when we have done little for our fellow men. In the chamber of death, the deepest good deeds we have done will comfort us. They will be our companions through such dreaded hour converting such times to blissful dreams. Be guided fellow men!

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